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This year for the third time NGO Q’art  in its mission to support, promote and share cultural values across borders has continued its cooperation with the German NGO “Context” in the realization of the third edition of the international project “Meeting of Styles” Kosovo as one of the biggest public art events in the world that in analogy is considered as the public art Olympics where it brings more than 100 international artists from 30 different states that join local artists through various activities to address cultural and social aspects that will improve Kosovo’s image and empower the artistic/creative community in the country.

International Festival “Meeting of Styles Kosovo” is the first festival of its kind in Kosovo and the region, which gathers so many artists from different artistic disciplines to transform degraded parts of the city into attractive space, enabling young artists and talents to take advantage from many activities that the Meeting of Styles Kosovo will offer in Pristina. The festival, in addition to its own activities, will also boost activities to enable youth advancing on professional skills through workshops and training. Particular importance will be given to the activities that link the promotion of young entrepreneurs through the products and prototypes presented during the fair at the festival. MOS Kosovo through its activities will contribute to international diplomacy, changing of the country’s image by stimulating “urban tourism” and by introducing Pristina among so-called “art-cities”.

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